Mum runs marathon on driveway during lockdown

A determined mum-of-three has run a marathon on her driveway to raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy UK (MDUK).

Gayle Hoy completed the challenge today (4 April) in 6 hours 43 minutes.

She ran a whopping 655 laps, with each circuit clocking up 0.04 miles. Gayle had a counter on a device which she tapped as she completed each lap, so she could keep on top of her total.

The impressive feat was streamed live on Facebook with thousands of people tuning in and showing their support.

“I regularly run on my own and I ran my first ultra-marathon last year where the crowd was very limited,” she told MDUK. “So I am used to being able to keep going without the crowds and atmosphere.”

Gayle had been training for three marathons, Manchester, London and Edinburgh, with the aim of raising £10,000 for MDUK.

“It’s great to see Gayle not letting the current situation get in the way of completing the three-marathon challenge that she set out to complete throughout 2020,” MDUK’s Dean Widd said. “Juggling home schooling, working and social distancing when looking to complete a marathon is no easy feat.”

You’re amazing Gayle! You can sponsor her here.

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